It all starts in the vineyard. Equus Vineyards is grown on a unique site on the southern slopes of the Yakima Ridge in the Columbia Valley AVA.    Equus is planted at 1330 – 1420’ elevation in soils above the Ice Age Missoula floods that inundated the Yakima Valley up to the 1,200’ level multiple times.  Our soils were deposited by the ancient Columbia River that once flowed through this area before the uplifting of the Yakima, Rattlesnake and Umtanum Ridges that forced the Columbia River to its present course 50 miles east of Yakima.  Soil types include:  Moxee cobbly silt loam and Willis silt loam at 5 -10% slope.  Soils are low vigor and are drip irrigated/fertigated with compost additions to the rockier areas.

Presently almost 27 acres are planted of the 55 acre farm.

Four wine grape varieties were planted in 2018:   Cabernet Sauvignon Clone 33; Grenache Noir 02; Syrah Joseph Phelps Clone and Malbec Clone 09.     In Spring 2019, we planted Malbec Clone 12 and Sauvignon Blanc Clones 14 & 27.    Vines are planted at 8×6’ and 8×5’ spacing using the Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) trellis system.  Most of our grapes are hand harvested but have the potential for machine harvesting if specified by vintner client.

As part of our sustainability program, the property includes areas for pasture (for our natural beef cattle) and for native and floral biodiversity.   We have encouraged predator bird habitat with Kestrel boxes and Red Tail Hawk nesting that help deter avian bird damage prior to harvest.  Check out our new drone avian update in our News Tab for more information.

As a tribute to the One who makes all things possible, a grain silo has been converted into a chapel as a nod to our French, Catholic traditions which date back hundreds of years.  At Equus Vineyards we both honor our past and leave a legacy for the future!